Do it Fast & Effective: Packing Tips When Moving Out

Packing has always been the hardest part of moving out, as it involves many considerations. You often find yourself asking, “Should this go here? Is this breakable? Can I fit just one more book?” These are mainly because you want to fit as many things as you can into one storage space.

This line of thinking is valid, of course. You’d like to keep your belongings as safe as possible, especially since you’ll likely be on a road trip that could go for hours — just think of moving from Tennessee to Utah. Here are some tips for you:

Fill in the gaps

Pack your belongings tightly. Breakable objects, such as electronics and porcelain utensils, are more likely to be thrown around in their containers when packed in spaces with lots of room. This is why electronic devices are lined with Styrofoam when they come in.

If you don’t have a Styrofoam or want an environment-friendly alternative, you can use towels, spare clothes, or bits of foam from old cushions to fill in the spaces. You can also use bubble wrap and cardboard.

Tapes, locks, and bubble wrap

For heavy objects with removable and breakable parts, such as bookshelves, computers, and some pieces of furniture, it’s best to wrap them tightly. Nash Packaging recommends using duct tape, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies. This way, the parts won’t scatter during the move and you can assemble them easily once you reach your destination.

Mix it up

Heavy, non-breakable objects like books should be distributed across multiple containers. This is to help distribute the weight of the boxes and make it easier for you to load and unload them during the moving process.

Packing may seem challenging and overwhelming at first, but once you get everything in order, you can expect the process to go smoothly.