Design Trends: Helping You Create a Modern Website

In Australia, big companies and start-up enterprises are taking their businesses online. Experts say web design plays an important role in turning visitors into customers. If your layout restricts visitors from exploring your site conveniently, they may decide to look for other products and services, regardless of the quality and features you offer.

Do not let an outdated design stop you from converting leads. Here are design trends you can use for your website:


While this is not exactly a new technique, developments in the industry have made web design professionals take another look at this design. Your web development team in Canberrra can create a modern website that tells the story of your company while convincing visitors to get your products and services. Common elements used for this user interface are large background images, wide layout, animations and videos.


For many Canberra web development firms, the Cards UI is the present and future of web design. Cards make it easier for users to find the information they need. The UI paradigm aggregates content depending on a user’s need, cutting the amount of time a visitor searches for information and improving their experience on your site. Some popular sites using this interface are Google Now, Twitter, Pinterest and Spotify.

Hyper colour with Flat Design

Similar to the Storytelling UI, the flat design has been around for a few years. Using hyper colour, however, is becoming popular among many websites. Surprisingly, combining striking shades works best with a flat design – think Metro UI and Windows 8.

Responsive Typography

In the past, many developers avoid using more than two types of typography, as some think it makes the website look cluttered and amateurish. These days, however, it is acceptable to mix and match typefaces and sizes. Furthermore, many developers are starting to follow responsive typography in their designs, making it more comfortable for visitors using different screen sizes to view your website.

An effective website focuses on user experience. Make the most of your site, expand your reach and increase revenue with a modern design using the latest techniques in the industry.