Confessions Of A Catholic: Pope Francis Breaks Tradition, Goes To Confession In Public

In another show of humility, Pope Francis again broke protocol, this time, surprising his own master of ceremonies on Friday, March 28, by confessing his sins to an ordinary priest in Vatican City.

Confessions of a Catholic

The pope was presiding over a service intended to show how much importance he really gives to the sacrament of reconciliation, commonly known as confession.

After giving a sermon during the gathering in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis was supposed to go to an empty confessional booth and hear the confessions from ordinary faithful. Around 60 priests were also there to hear confessions.

The pope’s master of ceremonies, Monsignor Guido Marini, pointed him toward an empty booth but Pope Francis went instead to another one where an ordinary priest was already stationed. The pontiff knelt before the surprised priest and confessed to him.

Hearing the Faithful

The pope then went back to the empty confessional booth and heard the confessions of a number of faithful who were part of the gathering.

Pope Francis regularly goes to confession, but this is the first time he did so in public as pope.