Are You Building? Get to Know the Various Types of Construction Waste

Construction waste can be an eyesore. But more than that, improper waste management can be harmful to the surroundings, including the people and the environment. This can get builders in trouble with the authorities regulating waste management.

The best way to deal with construction waste is to seek the services of a construction waste management company in Sydney.

Below are some of the construction waste materials to be expected:

Dredging Materials

This is the first type of waste in construction processes. This waste consists of objects or materials that are displaced when preparing your construction site. Dredging materials refer to materials such as trees, rubble, rocks, and dirt. Choose a waste management company that provides dumper rentals to contain these materials.

Building Materials

These include items such as nails, insulation, scrap metal, wood, rebar, and cement. These materials are often unused or damaged. In the case of waste wood, you can opt to have it reused in other construction projects. Building materials waste that cannot be reused can simply be thrown in the bin.

Hazardous Waste

If you are wondering where hazardous waste may originate from in a construction site, then you should know that it includes materials such as plasterboard, strippers, paint thinners, lead, asbestos and fluorescent bulbs. These materials are not only harmful to your health but are harmful to the environment, too. It is a requirement that such waste is disposed of as stated by the federal laws.

You do not have to worry about federal laws or waste disposal once you acquire the services of a reputable waste management company. The company will help you comply with all state and county requirements and meet your insurance requirements. You will also get to save time that would have been spent getting rid of the waste.