Apple Reportedly Planning Big Event For New iPhone

Apple Inc, the world’s biggest tech company, is expected to unveil its redesigned iPhone on September 10, according to reports from tech blog AllThingsD.

Expected to show the next-generation iPhone

The blog cited unnamed sources as claiming that Apple will reveal its next smartphone at a special event in September.

The company was not immediately available for a statement.

Apple’s iPhone releases are among the most-awaited events in the tech industry calendar.

“With a new iPhone and revamped iOS coming out later this year, Apple is well-positioned to recapture market share,” IDC analyst Ramon Llamas says.

Rumors of iPhone’s advanced features

Apple is expected to come out with processor and camera advances for its next generation iPhone. Several unconfirmed press reports say it may create a fingerprint sensor.

Apple has also been rumored to be working on a more affordable version of its iPhones, named the iPhone 5C.

The “C” is defined as ‘colors’ as reports indicate that the plastic version of the phone will be available in a selection of colors. While Apple has not commented on the upcoming iPhones, it has shown off the software that would operate on them.

The major changes highlight what lengths Apple will go to in order to head off a pack of competitors.