An Expat’s Survival Guide When Moving to Dubai

Dubai, a political territory in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is home to expatriates from across the globe. They’ve outnumbered UAE nationals, who make up only 17% of its population. With the career opportunities abounding, tolerable climate and temperature, and modern way of living, many are still thinking of moving to Dubai to live a better life. Here’s a guide to help you survive the first few weeks of your move:


Look for international moving companies in Dubai to help transport items from your homeland. They offer services to different countries worldwide, but make sure your destination is part of their list. Move important items only, and avoid bringing appliances because electrical plugs in Dubai are different. Sell your appliances before leaving to make some extra cash and buy new ones when you arrive instead.


Renting an apartment is best, unless you have enough money to buy real estate. Many high-rise buildings are accessible to main roads and establishments, such as shopping malls and restaurants. If you moved to Dubai because of work, find apartments near your workplace to save on transportation costs.


Islam is UAE’s official state religion. While Dubai has many expats of different beliefs, the government expects everyone living and working in the emirate to act and dress appropriately regardless. Dress modestly with clothes covering the elbow, knees, and lower neck. Public display of affection is discouraged, so don’t go overboard when strolling around with your partner. Some people can go to the extent of complaining to the police and get you arrested.


Dubai is a fairly pedestrian-friendly city, but most people prefer to ride taxis because of the heat. If you’re new, it’s ideal to bring a map or have a GPS device. For private vehicles, the SZR is the main expressway that’ll take you to different commercial areas. The Al Wasl and Jumeria Beach Road are good alternatives when the SZR is overcrowded.

These are only some of the things you need to know when moving to Dubai. Hire international moving companies, look for a good apartment, and learn your way around Dubai and you’ll feel like a local in no time.