An Employer’s Guide to Criminal Records Check

It is natural for an employer to do a background check on their employees. This is the reason national police forces have records check services. But other than knowing more about the history of their current and future workers, there is much more about police checks than just simply knowing someone’s past.

If you are an employer who is planning to pursue an online application for your employee’s criminal record check, spare some time to read this guide. Fast Police Checks agrees that you would be able to know more about the process and its importance to your business.

The responsibility of the employers

Having a police clearance is not a requirement for all job types. However, it is required for certain fields such as teaching, construction, healthcare, security, and special needs and assistance. This likewise applies to people who work with children. It is the responsibility of the employers to inform their candidates and existing employees to submit a police clearance. In some cases, employers get help from a third party when conducting the process.

Risk management

Such a clearance is provided to ensure the quality of services your people could give your customers and your business.

There are some ways to conduct it. These include the following:

Personal application

An employee can personally visit the offices involved to file an application for clearance.

Online application

One can likewise submit the necessary requirements, as well as payments, online. Results will usually be out in a couple of days.

Third party applications

You can hire professional services to get the job done. This is useful for huge companies who do not have the capacity to apply for all their employees one by one.

The goal of a police check clearance is to let employers and employees know whom they are working with. This is important to ensure a good relationship and a trouble-free business operation.