5 Reasons Singapore Is an Ideal Place for a Short-Term Business Trip

As CNBC cited, Singapore continues to take the top spot in the World Bank’s list of the easiest places to do business. But, can we say the same for short-time business trips? Spoiler: the answer is yes, and here is why.

1. Accommodation and restaurant options

Looking for decent accommodation and restaurants is not a challenge at all. Since the city is being visited by thousands of foreigners doing business every single day, you can only expect the best from the hotels.

On the same note, food is also not a problem. You can find any cuisine in a lot of different places, and you can even find a popular American diner that does things exactly how an authentic one should.

2. Easy to navigate

Singapore is a small country, so you can only imagine how manageable it is to travel within their central business districts. It is so easy to get around that you see businessmen in suits just walking. However, if you prefer to take taxis, they never run out of it. The train system is also easy to use.

3. No language barrier

You might have heard how Singapore is a melting pot of many cultures, so unlike other Asian countries, English is widely-used. Either way, you will find it a lot easier to talk to locals.

4. Nearby tourist attractions

If you only have a single day left to explore Singapore, do not fret. The tourist spots are all near the central district, and you can already go to various places and do several activities in just one day. They are all accessible and affordable. Hence, you can still mix business and pleasure in only a few days.

5. Excellent quality of public services

People in Singapore are generally well-disciplined and the services provided by the government — from their world-class airport to transportation and hospitals — are all first rate.

Singapore is indeed an ideal place for business travel. It does not require thorough planning as locals, establishments, and public services all work together to make it easier for tourists to have access to everything. It also proves to be an enjoyable, safe, and convenient place for business and pleasure.