4 Bathroom Waterproofing Mistakes to Avoid

The bathroom must be clean at all times. In this case, waterproofing is an essential chore.

Low-quality bathroom waterproofing is not only unhygienic and a hassle, it can also be costly and cause will compromise your monthly finances. To avoid bathroom-related mishaps, it is important to invest in quality bathroom waterproofing as soon as possible.

Waterproofing Direct, a distributor of residential and commercial building products, believes good waterproofing makes a difference in your home. Do not be one of those troubled homeowners. Best to know the following first:

Common bathroom waterproofing mistakes to avoid

Skipping professional help

Trying to fix your waterproofing tiling by yourself when you can ask help from professionals in Sydney is not always a wise decision. Some homeowners are guilty of this; they think DIY is easier and will save them more money. In reality, the cost of repairs and replacements for a job done by an amateur would cost more than hiring a professional in the first place.

Being impatient

One of the reasons why bathroom waterproofing techniques do not work well is because of homeowner impatience. Some do not allow the waterproofing membrane to adequately dry before applying cement and sand bedding or gluing tiles. When it happens, it’s a sure recipe for bathroom disaster.

Using wood as a material in the bathroom

Wood as a material in the bathroom might seem illogical since wood can rot when exposed to too much moisture. But when it is pressure treated and waterproofed, it can actually withstand moisture. The only problem? It has the tendency to warp when dry, which can lead to a compromise in the bathroom waterproofing. It does not mean that all wood installation will fail; you just have to be careful with the materials you use.

Absence of slopes

A slope is an important element as it makes sure that surface moisture can work its way to the drain. This can easily be done with the use of drainage mat on the waterproofed pre-slope.

Waterproofing is not a process that can be done haphazardly; if you, you will face serious consequences. Invest, not just in your waterproofing materials, but in your installation too. Enjoy the benefits of a fully functional and waterproofed bathroom.