Will Dentures Be Phased Out in the Future?

For many years, people tolerated dentures and all the troubles that came with them. These often included difficulty with eating and speaking, significant discomfort, and potential embarrassment in social situations. As the only alternative was having unsightly gaps in their smile, they had no choice but to adjust to life with these false teeth.

Times are changing. Dental technology continues to advance at a dizzyingly fast speed, and there are now some great alternatives available to those who have lost their pearly whites. Dental implants, bridges and other technology still in development are the solutions that people have been eagerly waiting for.

Dental Implants: Everything that Dentures Lack

More people every year get dental teeth implants from currambinedentist.com.au and other dentists. Their motivation is obvious; among the treatments available today, dental implants remain as the most natural and convenient option for replacing lost teeth. There is no need for special cleaning, and adjusting to implants is easy and quick.

Many people describe it as being almost identical to the real thing, and that they often forget they ever lost one in the first place. One concern that people have is that it requires an extensive operation, but most that go through it simply compare it to being very similar to a normal root canal treatment.

Bridging the Gap

As another permanent solution to missing teeth, dental bridges are also very convenient and secure. They have much of the same benefits as implants, such as no loss of speaking or chewing ability, and maintaining the shape of the face.

Unfortunately, bridges also come with the drawback of having to drastically alter two of your remaining teeth. Nevertheless, most people still gladly choose that over dentures.

The Future of Dentistry

Dentists have high hopes for the future, and already there are experiments to create teeth substitutes that are even more natural, affordable, and convenient. Some even include the artificial creation of real teeth. There may come a time when replacing teeth is no more complicated than a simple cleaning job, and no one will ever have to walk around worrying about their smile.