Why that Chip on Your Tooth Needs Repair Right Away

Different forms of damages can affect the tooth, and chipping is one of them. What many people are not aware of is that, when a piece breaks off the tooth, it can cause the entire tooth to “go bad.”

When this happens, the affected tooth may need more extensive repair, if not extraction. And the infection can even spread to the neighboring teeth. There are just a lot of negative effects that a chipped tooth can bring, which is why you should never underestimate it, regardless of how small the damage is.

You should consult with a dental office in Tampa such as nusmiledentalfl.com as soon as possible so that you can explore your treatment options and have the issue corrected before the damage – and the adverse side effects – worsen.

From a small chip to an entire gap

Even when only a small portion of your teeth breaks off, and when you do not have it taken care of right away, it can lead to the entire tooth becoming deceased. Once this happens, you are at greater risk of the tooth either falling out on its own due to the disease or needing to have it extracted.

Whichever of these two happens to you, they will both result in you already having to deal with a large gap in between your teeth.

Dental bonding: Repairing the damage and reinforcing the tooth’s strength

One of the best treatment options for a chipped tooth is dental bonding. It is quick and effective, and given that you take better care of your teeth after the procedure, you can expect it to last you for many years.

Furthermore, bonding also helps make the tooth stronger, since it acts as another layer of protection for the once-damaged tooth.

Do not wait for your chipped tooth to develop tooth-loss-causing decay. Seek the services of a highly experienced dentist as soon as possible.