Thinking About Stress Causes Heart Disease

Whitehall II, a new study published in the European Heart Journal, revealed that thinking about stress and its effects on your health might have a negative impact on your health.

Investigators found people who think stress is affecting their health had twice the risk of experiencing coronary heart disease, compared with those who think stress wasn’t making an impact on their health.

“The effect of stress on your body and heart is an extremely complex issue and it’s something we don’t yet fully understand,” said ThembiNkala, a Senior Cardiac Nurse at the British Heart Foundation.

“These findings raise the possibility that the mere perception of stress can impact heart health – but they also leave more questions than answers.We’ll need more research to unpick this complicated relationship further but in the meantime it’s vital everyone finds ways to unwind and decrease their daily stress levels,”Nkala added.

Severe Health Risks

According to previous research, women who are in highly stressful jobs are 40% more likely to:

  • suffer a heart attack
  • have an ischemic stroke
  • require treatment for blocked arteries
  • suffer from cardiovascular disease

People with cardiovascular disease are likely to experience higher levels of inflammation if they have greater exposure to the stress of traumatic events.

Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer.