Office Water Cooler and Dispenser 101: For a Better and Healthier Work Environment

The ideal working environment is important to maintain and improve productivity and efficiency among your staff. Providing some of their basic needs like clean drinking water only shows that you care for them. This can make things more convenient for everyone and ensure their health and safety.

While the office water coolers Sydney stores have to offer have become a popular option, it is best to research and find a trusted supplier:

Water Coolers and Dispensers

Both are still considered as dispensers, but there is a big difference when it comes to features. Keep in mind that a water dispenser is not necessarily a water cooler. There are two types of water dispensers: electric water dispenser and non-electric water dispenser. The main difference between the two is that an electric water dispenser can cool and heat water.

Both types can provide for standard water bottles (2, 4 or 5-gallon). You can buy these filled with potable spring, distilled or treated water. You may choose to fill them yourself with safe drinking water.

Countertop or Freestanding Water Coolers and Dispensers

You may choose between countertop and freestanding dispensers. Freestanding units are the pricier choice. Before you decide what to buy, consider where to place them. Keep in mind that you need a power outlet for both types and it should be on a solid platform. For countertop units, place them on an elevated counter or table. It should not be too high for dispensing or changing large water bottles. As much as possible, do not place it on a rug, even if you think there would be occasional spill. Moreover, a countertop dispenser usually has a smaller compressor, so the water may not be as cold as the freestanding unit.

The water temperature depends on the quality of the unit you buy. Some dispenser models may take some time when heating or cooling the water. Choose the best brand to ensure the performance and safety of your water dispenser. Proper maintenance is also important to keep your unit in good shape.