Have a Teeth Whitening Procedure for Better Looking Teeth Without Ugly Stains

One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. It helps to improve the way teeth looks, as well as helps project good-looking teeth. This is a procedure which is usually done over several sessions until the patient is satisfied with the teeth color. Not everyone needs teeth whitening, but it can be a big boost to the ego for those who need it.

Dental experts from downtownparkerdental.com explain why a person would need teeth whitening.

Who Needs Whitening?

Teeth are not just pieces of modified bone. These are pieces of living bone. It has an outer layer called enamel, and under that is a layer called dentin. Thin enamel allows the color of dentin to show. The texture of enamel determines the reflection of light and also the color.

In addition, a thin coating called the pellicle continuously forms on the enamel. This layer picks up the various stains or discoloration. On top of that, enamel has pores which can also stain.

Heavily stained teeth stem from tobacco use, excessive drinking of dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea and cola. Red wine can also add to the staining. Not brushing regularly can also cause staining.

The staining could also be from inside the tooth. Too much fluoride during childhood can case intrinsic stains. The use of tetracycline antibiotics in children can also cause staining. Trauma is another possible cause of dark stains. Tooth whitening is usually only used on surface stains.

Surface Whitening

Removing surface stains requires vital whitening. This can be done in the dentist’s clinic or at home and makes use of a whitening gel. After application, a special laser is used to activate the gel and allow faster bleaching. For in-home treatment, a mold is made of the teeth, and a mouthpiece is created from it.

The mouthpiece is used as the application agent. The mouthpiece is filled with whitening gel and worn for several hours a day. Improvements can be seen within a week or two. However, the mouthpiece may need to be worn for four weeks or longer.

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure which helps to remove stains. The procedure can be done in the dentist office over several visits to effect improvements.