Former NH Tech To Plead Guilty In Hepatitis C Case

David Kwiatkowski, a former hospital technician from New Hampshire was accused of infecting several people across states with Hepatitis C virus that he was infected with since 2010. He had reportedly infected innocent people by swapping painkiller syringes with saline-filled ones that were in addition tainted with his blood.

While Kwiatkowski has been charged on fourteen counts and can be convicted, the court has allowed him to plead guilty in exchange for 30 to 40 years behind bars. Attorney John Kacavas said on Tuesday that the accused would be sentenced later, probably sometime in November.

Plea Agreement Filed

Although the former technician has not been charged for causing death, the plea agreement filed by Kwiatkowski on Monday states that his actions had a ‘contributing role’ in killing one person. The accused himself has accepted his crime in the plea agreement.

Thanks to his plea, Kwiatkowski can avoid criminal charges concerning patients outside NH. However, at present at least 24 lawsuits linked to his case are pending with most of them against Exeter Hospital from where he stole the syringes.