For Your Oral Problem: Orthodontic Treatments Other Than Braces

How much do you know about orthodontics? You would probably think of braces alone, but the truth is there are many other treatments available. Orthodontics is a dental specialty that involves the correction of misaligned teeth, or sometimes called as malocclusions. Besides the fact that this can be embarrassing, it could likewise lead to other health issues.

Misaligned teeth may prevent the correct pronunciation of words, affect the digestive process, and increase the risk of sleeping disorders like apnoea. In some cases, it can cause a painful sensation in the jaw known as temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) disorder.

Fortunately, orthodontics from Liverpool dental practices can provide a solution to the mentioned problems. Here are some of them:

1. Headgear

Despite the name, you do not wear this device on your head. Rather, it includes metal brackets on the teeth with thick metal wires extending toward the neck and the chin. In other words, it looks like you are wearing a large mouth guard. This is necessary to correct misaligned teeth and allow the lower jawbone to catch up with the growth of the lower upper part. This is advisable for children and pre-teens.

2. Aligners

Traditional braces work by applying pressure on the teeth, causing them to move to a preferred position. Aligners work the same way except that they do not use metal brackets. In fact, they can be clear like Invisalign, so you are less conscious about how you look.

3. Rubber Bands

Also referred to as dental elastics, rubber bands may be used to augment your braces. These can exert more pressure or force on the teeth, encouraging them to move faster and more efficiently. They are available in different colours, so you can match your braces to your hair colour or the colour of the clothes you often wear.

Orthodontists use many factors to determine which of these treatments are best for you. Whatever it may be, do not delay getting help.