For Beginners: These Fitness Goals Must Be on Your List

If you’re planning to improve your fitness level anytime soon, take note that the first step is always the hardest, especially if you’re a beginner. You need to set goals and work hard to achieve those.

MÜV Fitness cites some of the goals you need to fulfill once you get started.

Ten Pull-Ups

The strength to do just one pull-up is already an indicator of your upper body strength. But you shouldn’t settle for just one, set your goal to 10, even if you are just a beginner. The motion and technique must be perfect, meaning you have to do a chin-over-the-bar pull-up from a dead hang. You need to drop body fat to be able to achieve this objective. If you are able to cross the ten marker, then increase the number through 15 to 20.

Bench Press Your Weight

The bench press is a barometer for how strong your chest and the muscles surrounding it are. You can start with lighter weights, such as half your body weight. Slowly nudge this heavier until you can start bench-pressing your body weight. This will take time as building strength and mass requires effort and the right nutrition. You also need to strengthen related muscles such as the biceps, triceps, and back.

Master Three Plyometric Moves

Plyometrics are dynamic movements that target various muscles and burn fat. The movements teach your body how to re-accelerate and decelerate rapidly in different directions. This improves your overall athletic ability and provides you with skills for more complicated exercises. Some of the moves you can master as a beginner include speed skaters, slalom hops, and squat hops.

Finish a 10k Run

A 10k run’s benefit is not just physiological, but also psychological; it gives runners a sense of accomplishment. It requires less time, commitment, and preparation compared to marathon distances. This type of endurance test improves upper and lower body strength, as well as boosts cardiovascular health.

These are just some of the fitness goals you can set. Take slow but steady steps in your journey to better health and a more active lifestyle.