Everything You Need to Know About Where You Can Use Your Powerchair

wheelchairSo far, you’ve decided you need assistance getting around, explored your options and purchased a powerchair. You are ready to get out in the world and explore, so now all you need is more information on where you can go with your vehicle and how to use it when you’re out there.

When you get a powerchair from a manufacturer like Karma Mobility, there are lots of models you can choose from. A local dealer can help you go through the specifications and check out figures like the speed of your powerchair. This is important for assessing where you are able to take it.


If you want to drive your powerchair faster than 4mph you will need to drive on the road and your powerchair will need to have lights.

Take some time to get used to driving on the road. You can also still use these models on the pavement and can swap between the road and the pavement when you are out and about. Stick close to the left hand side of the road except when turning right. It is advisable to use pavements if you need to turn right out of busy junctions.

The same rules apply to you as to other road users. This includes using lights if you are going to be driving at night. You can also get reflective gear for yourself and for your powerchair to help with visibility.


If your powerchair is limited to 4mph, it is designed for use on the pavement only. Your journeys will be easier if you begin to learn where the dropped kerbs are in your local area. Some powerchairs can tackle kerbs but this will still mean a bumpy ride for you. If you are going to an unfamiliar area and you are concerned, Google street view can sometimes allow you to see where dropped kerbs exist.

If you park and leave your powerchair, it must not be causing an obstruction.