Drag Me to The Gym: What’s Making You Gain Weight?

You’re standing in front of the mirror feeling stressed thinking about what to wear. Your favorite dress is now tight and you can’t even breathe. It’s the same story with your other shirts and pants. The frustration of seeing yourself suddenly gaining weight is understandable, but you need to know what’s behind the change so you can take quick action.

Here are some surprising reasons you’re gaining weight fast:

You always have late night parties

Sure, late night events are fun, but you also have to take care of your body. Your waistline can suffer when you keep changing your bedtime schedule. Poor sleep can disturb the levels of your hormones, which makes your body store more fat. When you’re deprived of sleep, you will find yourself hungry all day. Health expert Greengoldnutrition.com shares that small changes in your lifestyle, such as reducing party time and taking supplements, can make a big difference.

You are eating late

Are you a late-night snacker? It’s time to change that habit. Eating late at night may be the cause of your flabby stomach. You’re supposed to be resting, as your body reacts to factors you can’t control. Everyone knows eating fatty foods can make you gain weight, but the time you eat also play a significant role. You can sometimes have a late-night snack as long as what you are eating is healthy. Instead of eating chips and ice cream, it’s better to snack on some salad, fruits, or low-fat milk.

You’re taking anti-depressants

Your body shows signs when there’s something wrong. Taking certain medications may be the culprit of your weight issues. Anti-depressants, for instance, can make you gain or lose weight. If you think it’s the cause and you’re worried about your weight, seeking professional help is necessary. Ask your doctor if it’s possible to change your treatment plan.

The weight you gain is not something you can easily take back in a week. Anything from lack of sleep to hormonal imbalance, to the medication you take affects your body. Prioritize health and you’ll soon have your ideal weight back.