Caring for Yourself on Three Fronts

Ask a hundred people and their definitions of happiness will vary. No single aspect of your life will make you truly happy. A particular activity may give you temporary happiness, but if you want to take better care of yourself, you’ll want something that has a more lasting impact.

These three fronts should be considered:


Whether it’s through losing those extra pounds or setting an appointment for laser hair removal in Utah, if it’s an activity that makes you feel better about your physical appearance, it’s a form of self-care. If you’re committing to an exercise routine, it may take some time to see the results, but you’ll be proud of your new body once you get there. You’ll also feel a boost of confidence after doing something as simple as having unwanted hair removed.


Other people may say you have beautiful eyes or an enviable physique, but you may still not feel good about yourself. Anorexics want to lose weight even if it makes them unhealthy. Low self-esteem makes you dress poorly to hide your problem areas. It takes a bit more effort to improve your confidence, but you can start with learning to accept compliments. If you need professional help to fix any internal conflicts with your appearance and emotions, go ahead and look for someone you’ll be comfortable with.


It’s not enough to invest in your physical side when you are accumulating debt in the process. Sure, you look good and are wearing expensive clothes, but what happens when your credit card statements come in? The temporary bliss will be replaced by sadness that is harder to shake off. Once those bills accumulate, you’ll have a hard time crawling out of it. Some apps help you manage your finances, and you can also restructure outstanding debt if you have to.

Self-care is not just about spending money. It should help you feel happy about yourself, and these three aspects help make that happen.