Braces: Addressing Common Concerns

Upper teeth metal braces

If your teeth are in need of some aligning, metal braces are the standard option. These aligners are affordable and useful for various orthodontic issues. They can straighten very crooked teeth, and they can aid in fixing crowded teeth, as well as in eliminating gaps between them.

Despite their advantages, many are still reluctant to wear metal braces for several reasons. Some are worried about their appearance, while others are concerned about the pain and the sacrifices they’ll have to make just to straighten their teeth. The experts at Affordable Braces answer your concerns.

New and Improved Braces

In Jacksonville, braces are far from how they used to look. The brackets specialists use today are much smaller and customizable. Patients can choose the color of the bands and even opt for clear bands. Heat-activated bands, which use body heat to align teeth faster and with less discomfort, are also available in the market.

Minor Pain and Discomfort

Patients report some pain related to wearing braces, but they are usually manageable. Patients must expect temporary discomfort after adjustment, as the teeth move within the mouth. If you find the pain unbearable, your dentist can prescribe over-the-counter medication for relief. After a couple of months with the device, you’ll get used to wearing the braces, and the discomfort wouldn’t bother you as much.

Discreet Options

If your concern is more on appearance, discreet options are available, though they also tend to be more expensive. Ceramic braces use tooth-colored wires and brackets, making them less noticeable than conventional ones. Dentists can also attach lingual braces to the back of your teeth. Invisalign is an option growing in popularity, as it uses clear and removable plastic aligners.

If you’re still reluctant to find a solution to your orthodontic problem, ask a specialist for your options. Remember that untreated problems can get worse and lead to other health risks.