Are Your Children Overworked?

From an early age, parents introduce children to school with the aim of preparing them for the future. They need the education to get a decent job, their parents say. They need to learn valuable life skills which are taught better as they are developing their ideas of the world. The time for play is diminished to give way to structured classes five days a week. On weekends, they tackle mountains of homework.

Isn’t this too much for a kid who is just starting out into the real world and learning fundamental social interaction? How is your child coping?

Physical and Mental Baggage

Children need to be careful of the sick days they spend, as it may lead to a habit of absenteeism. However, it can’t be helped if they fall ill due to the amount of school work they have to do both at the school premises and at home. Especially during mid-terms, you’ll find your child having sleepless nights to study for an exam. It’s no wonder you need to take them to a family medical practitioner in Lehi such as Revere Health when sicknesses crop up immediately once they don’t get enough food and rest.

It’s even worse when they are dealing with negative thoughts. At this age, mental health problems may be developing without anyone noticing it.

Overdependence on the Internet

When did you last see your child without a phone in his/her hand, or not in front of a computer? The problem with challenging schoolwork is it often requires that children are online to do some research. Research is not all there is to the internet, however.

It’s also where your children may find a lot of distractions, which make them less productive at work and eat into their time to rest. How many sleepless nights are spent chatting with friends online and watching videos? Too many to count, perhaps, and it is now the new norm for the generation who grew up with internet at their disposal. It falls on you, as their parent, to tell them they need some time offline to recharge.

Children pick up a lot of things from school. They learn new skills and absorb knowledge, but make sure they are not getting sick from the stress, too.