Approaching Dental Anxiety in Your Child the Right Way

According to studies, about four-fifths of the US population have some form of dental anxiety, especially when it comes to the thought of undergoing certain dental treatment. Furthermore, of this group of people, about 5 to 14% of them suffer from severe dental anxiety.

Moreover, many of these individuals are children. As a parent of a child with dental anxiety, it is vital you address these negative emotions as quickly as possible. However, you also have to approach it carefully and in a sensitive manner.

With the help of a pediatric dentist in Louisville specializing in the care of young patients, especially those who feel anxious or even fear, you can help your little one achieve optimal oral health.

Dental anxiety or fear: Contributing to development of oral problems

You need to take care of your young one’s negative emotions and perceptions towards dentists as early as possible because these can lead to missed dental appointments and check-ups.

Since regular checkups play a major role in preventive care as well as early diagnosis and treatment, missing a lot of these can give rise to numerous oral health problems, such as cavities and gum diseases.

Note that about a fifth of all children in the country have untreated dental caries. A possible reason for their caries not receiving necessary treatment is dental anxiety.

Understanding your child’s anxiousness or fear

It is crucial that you help your child understand that he/she does not have to feel anxious or afraid of the dentist. You can start by telling your little one that these oral health care professionals work to help children maintain their beautiful smiles while also preventing cavities that can otherwise ruin it.

Depending on the age of your child, you can also give them a brief explanation about how dental equipment and tools now make painless dentistry possible.

Most importantly though, make sure you choose a dentist who makes you and your child comfortable and at ease.