5 Signs That You Need to Have your Heart Checked

Heart problems should be addressed as soon as symptoms start to appear. After all, it can lead to serious conditions or even death if not dealt with immediately. Here are some signs you should know:

1. Chest Pain

Chest pain is the most prominent sign characterized by a squeezing sensation or a feeling of fullness in the chest. It has also been described as a feeling of pressure, largely starting on the center of the chest. If you’ve been feeling this symptom on and off, Revere Health recommends checking with a cardiology in Mt. Pleasant for an accurate reading.

2. Toothache and Jaw Ache

Oddly enough, early warning signs of a heart attack have been described as a toothache or a jaw ache that can spread down both arms. Some people also report a headache and, in some instances, the chest doesn’t hurt at all.

3. Shortness of Breath

Inability to breathe properly or gasping for breath is the most common sign of a heart attack, often occurring right before or during the event. The condition is similar to a swimmer who came up for air after diving under the water. If this often happens without any valid reason, then you’d want to have this checked out quickly. The gasping of breath can also be accompanied by palpitations.

4. Cold Sweat

Cold sweating without any viable reason is usually a sign of medical interference. When combined with other signs and symptoms noted, individuals are advised to call medical authorities as soon as possible.

5. Extreme Weakness or Anxiety

You’ll find that prior or during to an attack, the body starts to lose its balance as you suffer from nausea, dizziness, and sudden weakness. Calling an ambulance is necessary during these situations.

Do you have a family history of heart problems? You’d want to have yourself checked out as soon as any of these signs become repetitive.