5 Natural Foods to Ease Morning Sickness

The joy that comes with a newborn child is unmatched. But in the case of some mothers, so is the pain that comes while waiting for that 9-month period. Often, the complaint includes the unbearable nausea right at the start of the day – morning sickness, in more common terms.

Fortunately, would-be mothers have different ways to fight this. Specialists at DrSaundersObGyn.com, an American Fork-based women’s health clinic, share some natural remedies for morning sickness.


Some mothers report lemon as a helpful remedy for morning sickness. Sniffing on a half of fresh lemon is enough to calm the stomach and ease the sensation.

Frozen fruit also work in the absence of fresh citrus. You might want to stock up on lime slices in a resealable bag in the freezer to have an easy go-to remedy for morning sickness.


The fresh scent of peppermint has the ability to calm a troublesome stomach. With the many variants of peppermint tea and oil, this herb is pretty easy to find. Rubbing peppermint oil directly on the gums may provide immediate relief from the nausea.


Ginger as a cure for morning sickness has been gaining traction from different studies that agree with its therapeutic claims. This is why ginger ale serves as an effective treatment for morning sickness. As long as moms-to-be avoid the fizzy variant, the ginger may soothe the condition early in the morning.

Other alternative spices that serve as an easy remedy for the condition are fennel and anise.


Herbal tea is also a great option. Raspberry is a helpful flavor to combat the condition, although peppermint, lemon balm, and ginger can also do the job. Gynecologists say herbal tea is safe to drink while pregnant, so expectant mothers can sip away without a worry.


Many people underestimate the power of hydration, but water is actually a helpful cure for morning sickness. Would-be mothers who drink a lot of water have less likelihood of developing morning sickness. One full glass every hour is enough to keep nausea at bay.

Moms-to-be need not worry about morning sickness. With these all-natural remedies right at home, it is possible to go through pregnancy minus the nausea.