4 Reasons To Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure by patients of all ages, as stated the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The popularity of teeth whitening products is so rampant that many products are readily available on the market. While some of the commercially available teeth whitening products may work, there is still no substitute for professional teeth whitening.

Consider these four benefits of professional teeth whitening before you book or visit your dentist in Bloomington, Minnesota.

A Thorough Oral Examination

Upon consultation, your dentist will give an intensive oral examination. This ensures that your teeth discoloration is not due to another dental problem that may need another type of treatment. Then, a whitening procedure shall be done to assure consistent, thorough, and even results for your teeth.

Safe and Effective

Professional teeth whitening procedures are usually safe and custom-fit to patients’ needs. While commercial teeth whitening products are generally safe, dentists usually apply special gels to your teeth and gums to avoid possible allergies and irritation.

Effective and Lasting Results

Teeth whitening products usually contain peroxide, a bleaching agent used to whiten teeth. Toothpaste or commercial teeth whitening products may have a small amount of peroxide that may yield less whitening results. Experienced dentists, however, use products with 20%-40% of peroxide that guarantees safe, faster and effective results.

Oral Advise Fit For Your Needs

Each person’s needs is different, a product may be effective to one and not on the others, As such, a dentist could advise the appropriate course of treatment suitable to your needs. You can either have in-clinic teeth bleaching treatment or take-home oral kits guaranteed to make sure patient teeth are whiter and healthier.

Teeth whitening products are everywhere. When done professionally by an expert, you can be guaranteed of fast, safe and effective teeth whitening results. Visit your dentist to learn more techniques on how to take care of your smile.