2 New Weight Loss Methods Dieters May Try

There is no shortage of guidelines and must-do lists for effective weight loss on the Internet. You should already be losing a couple of pounds if you do not skip breakfast and eat regular meals in small portions.

It is no secret that eating plenty of fruits and green vegetables, as well as drinking lots of water, can help you lose weight. However, if you are curious about what other methods are out there, you might want to read this guide.

The hCG diet

A facility offering medical weight loss in San Juan Capistrano might have a few new tricks to share with you. You can ask about contemporary and often controversial diet plans if you are open to trying something new, such as the hCG diet. Premier Medical Weight Loss explains that the main concept of this diet is to reset a person’s metabolism.

The goal of the program is to change a person’s eating patterns for good. The diet requires a daily consumption of only 500 calories instead of 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men. There is an allowance of 1500 grams in certain situations. The limited list of recommended food items includes cucumber, red grapefruit, celery, strawberries, cabbage, apples, white fish, lean meat, and shrimp, among others.

Another basic requirement of the program is a daily dosage of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone so that the body uses fat reserves more efficiently.

Appetite suppressants

Certain programs offer so-called appetite suppression methods. If you are not too keen on drinking pills of questionable efficacy, then you can always try options that are more natural. The argument is that if you suppress your appetite you lose weight. If you consume natural suppressants such as green tea extract and grapefruit essential oil, then you lower the risk for complications and enjoy the benefits.

Dozens of studies focus on determining better and safer ways to lose weight. Learn as much as you can about new approaches to get maximum benefits from them.