Survey: U.S. Gaming Managers Face Higher Risk of Divorce

What are the odds that your job affects the likelihood of a divorce? For gaming managers in the U.S., they face the highest risk of going through dissolving their marriage, according to the Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey.

Gaming managers have the highest divorce rate at 52.9%, while bartenders closely follow behind at 52.7%. The nature of their jobs, which include long hours and working in a liquor-centric business, served as the reason for the high rates.

Risky Careers

Married flight attendants have a 50.5% likelihood of going through a divorce, possibly because of the long hours away from their spouses. Gaming services workers have a 50.3% risk, while rolling machine setters, operators, and tenders completed the top five with a 50.1% rate.

On the other hand, actuaries have the lowest divorce rate at 17%, followed by physical scientists at 18.9%. Medical and life scientists and clergymen have 19.6% and 19.8% divorce rates, respectively. Professions with a higher salary seem to be related to a lower divorce rate, yet statistician Nathan Yau said that you should not solely base the probability of divorce on your job.

Switching Jobs

If you live in Colorado and work as a gaming manager, The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. noted that your chances of seeing a divorce attorney would not necessarily be lower if you decide to work as an actuary. Yau believes that the likelihood of going through a divorce “probably says more about the person than anything else.”

However, the state where you live could be a factor. Census Bureau data showed that Massachusetts had the highest divorce rate in 2016, likely due to an environment that is conducive to a stable marriage.

The demands and nature of your job may or may not lead to a divorce, as there are other factors that also affect your marriage.