Qualities Your Mortgage Broker Must Have

You have decided to use the services of a mortgage broker in your home purchase. The next step is to find one that best suits your needs. The following are the qualities you need to look for in your prospective mortgage broker in Fort Myers.

Having Your Best Interest in Mind

A broker who seems desperate to close a deal should raise a red flag. Chances are, he is not looking after your interest, but his own. Thus, he must assess mortgages based on your specific financial condition. Move on if the broker insists on making you commit to a bigger mortgage loan, which may not be necessary. He only wants to jack up his income.

Quick to Act and Attentive to Details

A mortgage can be quite a complex process. If your broker is not careful, a lot of tiny details may slip unnoticed. When interviewing potential brokers to work with, consider those who come to meetings on time, and who call or get back to you in a prompt manner. Request for a list of title companies and appraisers who, like you, need to work with brokers who are detail-oriented.


Watch out for brokers who give you all sorts of promises. In general, these people are only trying to get you in on their bait-and-switch game. Once you fall into their trap, they will reveal their true colors. They will either insert some hidden fees or will make last-minute changes on your interest rate. There is no way they are serious about delivering what they promise.

Lays Down Fees Upfront

Brokers who work hard for their keep deserve to be paid fairly. Look for a broker who is honest and forthright about fees. Watch out for brokers who become edgy when discussing fees or those who avoid talking about compensation.

Finding the right broker to work with doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the tips provided in this post to make the selection process a lot easier.