Important Qualities Your Company Brochure Needs to Have

A well-designed brochure can help ensure your print marketing success. Unfortunately, many companies neglect some important aspects of brochure printing. They assume that these will work their magic just because they look great.

Before heading to your brochure printing service provider, make sure that your brochure has these important qualities:

Attention-Grabbing Aesthetics

Black and white and basic layouts are outdated. Today, people want to see vivid and bold colour schemes and images. The success of your brochure marketing campaign depends on how you capture the fancy of your prospective customers.

But, make sure you do not go overboard. After all, too much of something good can lead to something bad. Limit the use of colour combinations, and then add a few well-placed, relevant images.

Custom Folds

There are types of custom folds you can choose from. These include accordion folds, tri-folds, and Z-folds, among others. Select a layout that is best suited for your products.


Providers of brochure printing services often provide a range of coating to choose from. You can go for UV coating to produce a brilliant sheen. If you want a semi-shiny protectant, pick an aqueous coating. Either way, your target customers will find your brochure captivating.


It is important for readers to see what they need to see within a couple of seconds of looking at your brochure. If you present muddled information, people might just throw your material away. Inserting a coupon or promotion may help retain their interest.

Likewise, make sure to include your contact information.


If you place your brochure next to other companies’ brochures, would yours stand out? Allow your creativity to show in your brochure. Including unique design elements might help. But, again, never go overboard.

These are the elements that your company brochure must have. These will help ensure that your target market will find your brochure interesting to read.