Holiday on a Budget: Travel Tips that Save You Money

These days, just getting away for a while can already suck most of the money out of your wallet, not to mention the fun you’re supposed to enjoy on your getaway. People, however, still love to travel. It’s just that now, you probably are a bit more conscious about your spending habits.

When travelling, cheap doesn’t always have to mean bad. No matter where you’re going, simple things like comparing quotes with Travel Insurance Direct, booking hotels online, and finding the right airline can help cut your expenses while still making a quality vacation that you’ll enjoy possible. Follow these super-savvy tips, and save some money to splurge once the vacation really starts.

Find the Right Travel Insurance

Never buy your insurance through a travel agent, tour operator, or an airline, as this will certainly cost more. Do your research instead and compare quotes through Travel Insurance Direct and other companies. Getting full coverage for emergencies, lost luggage, and other travel mishaps doesn’t have to cost a lot. Also, don’t double up; you may already have travel insurance covered by a premium credit card, home insurance policy, or your bank.

Book Your Hotel Online

Many hotel chains and other accommodations offer special deals when you book them online. Book close to your departure date; you may find great discounts that hotels with unsold rooms are offering. Some hotel promos are also offered exclusively to customers online.

Instead of giving discounts, many hotels offer free nights and savings packages. Some even have specials such as free room upgrades, complimentary meals, and resort credits.

Be Flexible with Flights

A minor tweak in your travel plans can save you a lot, especially if you’re buying tickets for the whole family. Fly during the off-season, midweek instead of on the weekends, or choose a flight with stops instead of a direct flight. These small changes can save you hundreds of dollars, more if you multiply it by the number of people travelling.

You can always have a vacation; even if you’re tight on cash. You just have to learn not to fall for some travel spending traps to ensure you can enjoy that getaway without busting your small budget.