Foreclosure Prevention When Struggling to Make Payments

If you finance your new house with a mortgage, it is important to make payments on time. Struggling to pay your loan or falling behind on payments could make you lose your home. Fortunately, you can avoid a foreclosure by modifying your loan or refinancing. Talking to a loan company or lender is important to know more about your options.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Home loan companies in Tempe suggest refinancing or lengthening the loan term if you’re struggling to make payments. If you have 15-year loan term, you can refinance to a 30-year fixed term to lower the monthly payment. You will need to pay off the loan for a longer time, but this will ease your financial burden. Refinancing to a lower rate is also ideal if available, as this can also decrease the amount of your monthly obligations.

Loan Modification

This a good option if you are experiencing a decrease in your earnings. A loan modification may involve adjusting the loan term for an existing mortgage for a short period of time. This may also mean changing some terms in the contract like lowering the rate or extending the term. This can help ease the burden temporarily and is a good option for those who cannot refinance their mortgage.


If you are experiencing temporary financial problems or have temporarily reduced income, forbearance can be an option. This means suspending to lowering the monthly mortgage payments for a certain period. After this, you will need to make payments with extra partial payments. It is important to remember the forbearance is not the solution if you bought a house that is way beyond what you can actually afford. This is also an option if you ineligible for refinancing.

If you do nothing about financial difficulties, you could lose your home. This is why it is best to seek expert help to find ways in making the payments more manageable. Talk to a reliable lender to learn more about your options and determine what it right for your situation.