Tuition Centres Help International Students Thrive in the World’s Best Education System

The Singaporean education system is widely lauded for its high academic standards and students who exert the extra effort to excel. The system is so successful that the country consistently beats other nations in education rankings.

And it’s not just the locals who are putting in extra hours. A report by the Straits Times claimed that more international students are enrolling in tuition centres to keep up with the country’s educational requirements. People say that the rising competition and the unfamiliar curriculum are the main factors that drive tuition centre enrolment.

Tuition centres claim that in the last few years, their international student population has swelled. Most of these students come from schools in UK and Australia. They are seeking help for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.

Competition for School and University Acceptance

The rise in enrolment rates is driven by competition. Foreigners would have to compete with the locals for places in schools and university applications. After all, one must have a competitive advantage if he or she wishes to attend the country’s top schools, which accept only around 20% of applicants.

Adjusting to the Singaporean Education System

Experts say that international students are looking to tuition centres to address the gaps in their knowledge. The change in academic expectations and teaching style can take a toll on their performance, and tuition centres can help them keep up with their studies. Tuition centres allow international students to focus on difficult subjects.

Advantages of a Tuition Centre

Tuition centres can be effective in gaining an academic advantage. Thanks to their relatively small class size, teachers can pay more attention to students. Moreover, maths, science, humanities and economics tuition classes in Singapore reinforce the lessons that the students receive in school. These classes could also sharpen a child’s social skills through teamwork.

Studying in a different country can be difficult. International students face stiff competition while adjusting to a new academic structure. Fortunately, they can enrol in tuition centres that can help them ace the world’s best education system.