The History and Impact of Floral Arrangement on Society

Using flowers to convey devotion to the recipient is a practice as old as civilisation itself. But, much more than just presenting flowers, the art of floral arrangement is a tradition that has stood against time.

Ancient Egyptians arranged flowers in low bowls in repetitive patterns before offering them to Isis. The Greeks developed the Cornucopia, a horn-shaped container usually filled with an assortment of flowers and fruits still in use today. Romans wove flowers into garlands for the celebration of Saturnalia, a practice that was often used in the Middle Ages for other occasions.

The Golden Era of Flowers

The Victorian era was a period of exceptional growth for the art, as young ladies were educated in floral arrangement. Modern flower shops and online florists in the UK owe a lot to these schools, as they helped their trade to grow at a pace never seen before or since.

The first books detailing the rules of function and design were published during this period, allowing people to share ideas faster. Through the communal exchange that went on through the years, those initial ideas were refined into techniques on how to bring out the best in plants. Techniques such as effectively using the twelve-hue colour wheel, as well as establishing an overall shape including the container.

From Across the Seas

It’s not just through tradition that modern florists gained the skills of their craft; the incorporation of new ideas plays a significant role in it as well. The Japanese Ikebana for example, has been in existence since the sixth century, and is considered one of the best templates of formal flower arrangement. But, the influence of this art form only became widespread after the Second World War, when the country finally opened its doors to the world.

Floral arrangement may seem like frivolity to many people, but they fail to recognise how much it affects everyone’s lives. Occasions such as birthdays, weddings and commemorating the dead wouldn’t be the same without flowers. In addition, if a guy forgets to give his wife flowers for their anniversary, you can be sure it will impact his life in a very big way.