Study to Work and Play: Top Three Reasons You Should Major in Game Design

If you always spend your spare time playing video games, a career in game and simulation design might be in your future. Think about it. You get to have your dream career, be the envy of your friends, and even get to apply for scholarships in Singapore. Conor Murphy, the marketing manager of, once said, “Interactive forms of entertainment are definitely here to stay.”

As a game designer, you will have the chance to develop games for fellow gamers and yourself. Here are other reasons why you should consider pursuing a major in game design:

You can enhance the video gaming experience.

As an avid player, you’ve probably observed design flaws in some of the games you’ve played. If not you’ve thought of ways to improve the storyline or the characters. By working behind the scenes, you will have to creatively do whatever you want to enhance the video game experience. Do keep in mind that the ideas formed for the gamers these days have to attract a wide demographic.

Based on the study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association, the average gamer these days are 30 years old with over a decade of experience in gaming. Moreover, adults make up 62 per cent of gamers with virtually half of them aged over 35.

You get paid to work on your passion.

Even though you should not boast how much you earn, game designers in the US receive an average salary of a whopping USD 68,000 or SGD 92,274.23.

You have the chance to wear different creative shoes.
It does not matter if you start your career in the gaming industry as a freelance designer or in a corporate setting. The possibilities are endless. The difficulties encountered in an entry-level career in video game development are lower than ever. As soon as you obtain relevant experience, you will be able to develop games for mobile devices, computers, or consoles.

Only a few can say that they can work and play at the same time. You, too, can have this future if you decide to get a degree in game design.