Resume Writing Tips for Business Administration Graduates

A business administration degree offers a bright, well-off, and stable future. Graduates can look forward to a good pay cheque and work in almost any field, from finance, to retail, marketing, and human resources. While business administration graduates are always in demand, your hiring opportunities still depend on how well you answer questions during your interview, and how comprehensive and engaging your resume is.

Your curriculum vitae should demonstrate how your skills and abilities match with the requirements of the job you’re applying for. It should be short, yet engaging and comprehensive. Whether you’re nearing a degree’s completion or already have a diploma in business administration, it’s important to perfect the document that sells your skills and summarises your professional qualifications.

One Page Only

Many professionals struggle with resume length, but a new graduate should adhere to one page. Prioritise the content of your resume and include only the most important and relevant experiences. Keep it short and straightforward; highlight the skills and achievements relevant to the position you’re applying for.

The STAR Format

When writing a resume, experts suggest thinking of your experiences in terms of situations, tasks, actions, and results—the STAR format. This system works well for business administration graduates, as it helps describe their achievements and professional qualifications. Situation refers to the problem you faced, while task identifies the key objective and issue you had to address. Action pertains to the steps you took to solve the problem. Results summarise the outcome of the problem in business terms.

Ditch the Objective

It’s clear that when you’re graduating from a certain program, you’re looking for a position where you can utilise those skills. According to career experts, the most important part of a resume is the top left-hand side, so don’t waste the valuable space with a content that won’t be read. Ditch your job objectives; go with something that will impress employers instead.

Your curriculum vitae serves as your ticket to land the job of your dreams. Prepare an engaging document to ensure it’s added to the interview file and not thrown in the bin.