How to Prepare your Children on Their First Preschool

It seems only yesterday that you were waiting for your baby to be born and then boom! Just like that, they turned from your sweet little bundle of joy into children packed with high levels of energy, limitless curiosity. The age of 3 – 5 years is a very important stage in your child’s development.

This is the stage where they are easily amazed. They are very eager to learn and experience new adventures in life. Although eager, each child has their own pace. Preschools in Phoenix, Arizona, like Sunrise Preschool, connect with their students to help them develop at this age.

So it’s very important as a parent to support your child in this critical stage in their life. Here are a few tips to remember in guiding your eager preschooler.

Learning and playing come hand in hand!

Cognitive development is one of the milestones that your child will reach during this age. Cognitive skills are not just all about pure learning from books but it can be mixed together with play time.

Children during this age are very inquisitive and like to ask a ton of questions and satisfying their curiosity through educational and informative experiences and experiments can be very rewarding. Make sure to not only stimulate their counting, reading abilities but also their imagination and artistry.

Social and behavioral skills are a must!

This is the age when your child becomes less reliant and more daring. Be sure to give them some room to make them feel independent and more in control of their actions. Give them a chance to decide things for themselves.

At this stage, your child wants to interact with other kids and form friendships. Together with their classmates, they’ll encounter different feelings and how to express them. Joining a playgroup with the same age as your child can have huge benefits on their social development.

Ready, set, go! Fine tune those motor skills!

At this age, your child will seem like they have a limitless supply of energy. Constantly moving, always in-motion and playful, this is how most preschoolers are. It is important for you to help them develop their motor skills by encouraging physical activities which involve body coordination, such as running, skipping, hopping.

Arts and crafts can also help your child develop their fine motor skills, finger-painting, cutting paper with scissors and even holding a pen can do wonders for your child’s fine motor skills development.

Preschool age is a very important part of your child’s development and learning. Different preschool programs led by highly qualified instructors and teachers can help your child gain as much experience as possible during this very crucial stage in their life.