Excavation Of Fossils After A Century In LA

Right in the heart of Los Angeles, the scientists are conscientiously paddling through fossil finds at the La Brea Tar Pits.

Excavation over the years

Bones of dire wolves, Saber-toothed cats, mammoths, unsuspecting creatures of the Ice Age, Mastodons have been unearthed in the previous digs. These creatures took their last breath in this pitfall of sticky asphalt. There have been many small time discoveries too like the insects, plants and rodents which have brought light of the life that was led about eleven to fifty thousand years ago.

100 Years of Digging Revelry

John Harris, who is the curator at this George C. Page Museum, has revealed that it is the hidden bones that provide the minute details of the past history in the region and the excavation team has unearthed about 5.5 million bones of more than 600 species of plants and animals. The best part is of those that belong to the fossils of the Ice Age.

The museum is celebrating 100 years of digging this Monday and the excavation team claims that it would take another whooping century for the entire excavation to be completed.