Car Storage: Don’t Leave Your Car at the Mercy of the Elements

Keeping your car out in the sun can be dangerous. Not only is it open to thieves but it is also in direct contact with weather changes.

While any car would have protection against the elements, constant exposure to them can contribute to its quick wear and tear. Cars parked constantly outdoors have greater chances of becoming older and fragile a lot earlier. This is why you need a proper parking space in your home.

Here are some reasons not to keep your vehicle outside for too long.

Inconvenience of heat before use

Leaving your car out in the open will also heat up the air trapped inside. You will not be able to use the car at once when you are in a hurry. You have to let it cool down first and let all the hot air out to make driving comfortable. It may not even be possible to sit or touch the wheel depending on the time of day or length of time it has been under the sun.

It’s like a microwave for your belongings

You should never leave items in your car if you are going to park it under the sun. Items containing liquid such as bottled water or cologne may become dangerous for your health. You should never drink water left in a hot car. Food may quickly spoil because of the heat while candy may melt and cause a mess on your seats. Direct heat from the sun for long periods may affect your air conditioning unit and cause it to malfunction.

To protect your car, always park it in your garage. If you’re not home, at least find a spot with shade, like under the shadow of a building or a tree.

Not enough room in the garage to park your classic car, or a vehicle you seldom use? Paid car storage is available in Perth;, for instance, offers such a service.

You may find several places offering covered units you can rent when you do not have your own garage where you live. This is the best solution if you plan on storing your car for long periods of time.