Buy the Right Aboveground Storage Tank for Your Business

An aboveground storage tank is a safe and affordable option to meet your business’ storage needs. However, choosing the right storage tank should not be taken lightly. There are many options to choose from in the market, but there are guidelines set by government bodies and authorities that you will have to adhere to.

Before picking the storage tank for your purpose, be sure that you have done your homework and have considered the following:

  1. Understand the rules.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets its own guidelines on which tank fabrication and design details are acceptable. Furthermore, your state and local bodies have their own codes as to what types of aboveground storage are allowed in the area.

  1. Know what you need.

All aboveground storage tanks are made of steel. Beyond that, they all differ in terms of size, types, and venting systems. You need to consider which of these tank types you need depending on your application.

  1. Factor in your maintenance needs.

The EPA requires that all aboveground storage tanks undergo regular inspection and maintenance. How often you conduct this depends largely on how large the tank is. This allows you to monitor for signs of damage continuously that may lead to the leakage of hazardous liquid material.

  1. Choose a reputable company.

Your tank provider isn’t simply a vendor. Essentially, you’re choosing them as a business partner if you buy storage tanks from them. Choose a provider with at least years — if not decades — in the business. Go for one that manufactures their own storage tanks, instead of buying them from other suppliers.

If you’re still confused, it might be helpful to request the assistance of an environmental engineer expert who can help you evaluate your situation and pick a tank that suits needs, budgets, and specifications.