Web Design Trends to Try This Year

Web design constantly evolves. Year in and year out, there is always a new trend or two. Remember, however, that these trends aren’t just empty fads. People also regularly seek innovation in their Internet browsing experience. After all, they spend a massive amount of time online.

For businesses and non-profit organizations alike, making sure that their websites stay updated is critical. Local web design firms in Worcester would agree. Here are a few design trends worth trying out this year.


People don’t respond as readily to inanimate objects. This also rings true in web design. 2018 brings the advantages of animation in terms of making interfaces easier to grasp. Not to mention, they’re eye-catching. The biggest advantage is the possibility of conveying messages in a short amount of time. People rarely have time to read and process, so bring the message to them via engaging animation effects.


The term itself is jargon, but it links back to the use of animations. Microinteractions involve smaller, user-focused animations to capture user interest further. Originating from mobile apps, microinteractions are animated responses to user actions. Look at it as giving a website life and personality. By doing so, you keep people engaged and anticipating what’ll happen next.

Bouncing effects, 3D changes, fading effects, and similar design decisions are good, as long as they convey movement. Nothing bores people more than a seemingly “dead” website. Also, consider the efficiency at which these animations are utilized. If they slow the page down or adversely affect other functions, they’re almost useless.


People also respond readily to engaging color palettes. 2018 takes it up a notch for web design. More adventurous color combinations are in. Bold hues started gaining traction last year and aren’t slowing down. Designers have more options to play with and use color to deliver great user experiences.