Trendy Design Ideas for Office Partitions

Your office design is an essential aspect of your workplace. Dividing your space is a vital part of office design. It keeps your space organized and also provides a surface for incorporating different pieces of artwork.

Office partitions are the easiest, quickest and most cost-efficient option for Christchurch business owners aiming to create productive workspaces. They are also more practical compared with walls since department sizes continuously change, and it might be impractical to keep building and destroying walls to accommodate these changes.

Here are some of the modern office partitions you can pick.

Inflatable Office Partitions

This sliding design provides a free-standing screen, which you can inflate. Its sliding feature makes it movable as required to delineate different areas of your office in an easy way. The key benefit of an inflatable office partition is that the design allows integration of shelves.

Frameless Glass Partitions

For small offices looking to create an illusion of space, full-length frameless dividers are an ideal option. Frameless glass partitions are attractive and stylish and can be double- or single-glazed. A single-glazed partition is the best choice for those who want clean lines.

To preserve an open working space, floor pivots and patch fittings are fitted to the partitions. To highlight the glass panels and prevent accidents, manifestation films, corporate logos, or other kinds of designs are used.

Wooden Partitions

Wood is the best choice to give a natural home-like feel to your office. Wooden partitions are available in different finishes, including veneer finished MDF and solid wood.

Among the popular wood options currently trendy are cherry, maple, oak, and beech. You can combine your wooden partition with glazing to create a brighter working space.

Nothing will uplift your office’s look better than trendy partitions. The stylish look will, in turn, enhance employees’ morale and boost your returns. You could customise your partition to offer your desired level of privacy with films and other treatments.