Optimize E-Commerce Websites to Boost Conversion Rates

Online shopping appeals to busy people as it allows them to multitask. A survey shows that 57% of respondents shop online while working while 44% do so using their mobile phones. The user rate continues to rise, in fact.

If retaining the attention of your online visitors and having them purchase your product is a challenge, however, your website might be lacking. The design of an e-commerce website plays a huge role in increasing your conversion rates, after all.

Use Simple Yet Effective Visuals

The first thing multitasking online shoppers want in an e-commerce website is simple navigation. Your web design should make it easy for potential customers to find the product they want or need. It’s important, therefore, for your website to have a simple and visible menu. Remember to include a search function that’s easy to find and use. Make sure to include search filters, as well.

Design elements, such as the color scheme and graphics, should reflect your brand, moreover. It should also present your products and services as the main attraction. Take note that graphics-heavy websites tend to load slower and may cause visitors to leave. The same holds true for e-commerce websites with many pop-up advertisements.

Include Important Product and Company Information

The information you put on your e-commerce website makes or breaks your conversion ability. A “frequently asked questions” or FAQ page may help them decide on their purchases, for instance. Customers often look for rules on returns, exchanges, and shipping so make sure to have it available on your site. If you can, include these on each product page. Icons or pictures make the information easily accessible for your visitors and avoids a wordy web page.

Product reviews or testimonials on your services are necessary, as well. However, make sure to highlight the best reviews you have as bad reviews can turn potential customers away.

Communicate with the Customers

Remember to include a way for customers to contact you. This is especially important if they have questions or concerns regarding your products. Don’t limit your website contact page to just your e-mail or phone number, either; a live chat box or virtual assistant are viable options, too.

The design of your entire e-commerce website can make or break your conversion rate. With the help of an experienced web designer or digital marketing team, you can optimize your website to boost your business.