Knowing the Different Types of Ice Cream

Remember the time when you were a kid and would excitedly wait for the ice cream truck to pass by your neighborhood? Whilst the excitement might not be there anymore now that you’re an adult, the joy of eating ice cream regardless of the time of year remains the same.

Over the years, the ice cream you knew has evolved into various types (not just flavours). Read on and learn the different types of desserts you can enjoy today.

Ice cream

This is the classic dessert that you can buy from a truck or an ice cream shop. It is made of 20% cream, 10% milk, and at least 10% milkfat. The mixture is slowly churned to give it a smooth texture.


This is usually served in machines and has lesser milk fat than a regular ice cream. The texture of soft-serve is achieved because of slower churning process, allowing air to enter, giving it a soft and fluffy finish.


A dessert with Italian roots, gelato is an ice cream variant known for its dense and creamy texture. This is achieved by churning it very slowly and by having more milk than cream.


Lactose intolerant people can still enjoy a soft cold treat during the summer sans the milk. Sorbet is made of fruit and sugar churned in an ice cream maker, hence the texture.


This is a cross between ice cream and sorbet. A little amount of milk is added to give it a sweeter flavour than regular ice cream. A sherbet is always fruit based.


Short for frozen yogurt, fro-yo is basically ice cream but with the added benefits of yogurt cultures.

Want something cold and sweet? Check the list and see which ice cream type can satisfy your cravings today.