Doable Solutions to Soundproof Your Home and Eliminate Noise Pollution

Sound seeks (and exploits) the path of the least resistance. Doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and their weaknesses could not be of any help if they are not equipped to deal with a noisy environment effectively. You do not have to take up a postgraduate course of sound transmission through apartment walls.

We have a few promising solutions to your noise problem at home.

Consider a window upgrade

Rattling windows when a monster truck passes by are one thing. The sound of screaming neighbours and rush hour traffic creeping through cracks is another. Seal kits may not be enough to help you sleep better. For a quieter home environment, you must consider upgrading the windows.

Better sound insulation and thicker glass are some of the benefits of newer window models. Better framing and design technology allow windows to protect your household from the elements and noise pollution.

Before you invest in such a huge and potentially costly project, solicit the advice of soundproofing experts in your locality. If you live in a loud and congested neighbourhood, you would have to be willing to invest to raise your family in cosy, comfortable and healthy surroundings.

Materials that dampen and deflect sound

Foam panels are popular among music studio owners, home theatre owners and factory managers. When installed on walls they reduce reverb and echo. Meanwhile, manufacturers of acoustic panels here in Australia offer an alternative sound absorption/soundproofing solution.

Layers of board composed of materials that block and absorb sound can offer high-performance soundproofing, albeit at a higher cost. Composite boards are particularly helpful in reducing noise transmission from the next-door neighbour in urban apartment complexes.

These boards are usable for both wall and ceiling applications. If you have a neighbour who is a musician, or perhaps a member of the household plays a musical instrument avidly, a close discussion with an acoustics expert is imminent when choosing a soundproofing material.

Excessive and persistent noise can have a hugely negative impact on families and communities. Thankfully, acoustic solutions are available to you where you live.