Burial or Cremation: Deciding for the Future Before It’s Too Late


Funeral services end up with either cremation or burial. But most people don’t usually decide on it before they pass away, so their relatives end up choosing for them. Read on so that you can take a more informative look at the advantages and disadvantages of cremation and burial.


Burial is the most common of the two, and for good reason. The bereaved are given a chance to see the dead before they’re sent off. They’re also allowed to remember and grieve over their loved ones even after the headstones are in place in a cemetery in Taylorsville. On the other hand, McDougal Funeral Home knows that cremation can be harder to cope with, given the shorter time for mourning before the body is burned and the ashes secured in an urn.


Another factor that should be considered is how much you need to pay for these services. A regular burial is worth a hefty price if you take into account the plot, embalming processes, coffin, wake and funeral service, and cemetery maintenance fees. Cremation is more affordable since the most basic packages only involve the urn and burning of the body. You can also arrange for a funeral service before the urn is taken home, which can also be the final resting place for the ashes.


This factor may not be that important to many, but it’s vital for Mother Earth and our environment’s survival. Burial leaves an impact on the soil, occupying it, loosening it, and eventually contaminating it. With cremation, only the air can be affected if it’s done improperly. Whichever you choose, it’s still best if you select memorial services that use more environmentally friendly techniques.

If these comparisons aren’t enough for you to make your final decision, you can do more research before you decide.  After all, it’s much better to arrange everything now so that you can lessen your friends’ and relatives’ grief over your departure. Once you’ve chosen the option you want, contact your preferred cemetery and memorial home and make an appointment.