Bitcasa Infinite Drive Offers Unlimited Storage For $100, But With A Catch

Startup Bitcasa promises “infinite” storage space for $100 per year, but there’s a catch stating that they only keep one instance of each file, not matter how many people upload it to the company’s servers.

Infinite drive to solve capacity challenge

Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud,Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon and other cloud storage services have different storage limits on the total capacity they allow as well as the maximum size for any file you upload. Big digital lockers can get costly very fast.

If one user goes to the store “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, and that song already exists on Bitcasa’s servers, Bitcasa will just use the file it already has on hand.

Provide more storage at little extra cost

It can even store files more efficiently than that: Bitcasa breaks up users files into a bunch of little data blocks, so if any piece of their file matches a piece of someone else’s file, Bitcasa only needs to store one version of that file.

Briefly, that cuts down on the amount of bandwidth and storage capacity Bitcasa needs, allowing the company to provide much more storage at little extra cost.